Copyright Notice

I. Rights Statement

All technologies, programs, data, and layout designs on 3dmarvel Web are not allowed to be used without permission from 3dmarvel Web. All products on 3dmarvel Web are not allowed to be published, copied, disseminated, or sold in any form without permission from 3dmarvel Web. Furthermore, they cannot be published, copied, disseminated, or sold under the name of 3dmarvel Web. Anyone who causes damage to this website will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

II. Responsibility and Intellectual Property Protection Statement

3dmarvel Web respects intellectual property rights and opposes infringement and piracy. As a network service provider, 3dmarvel Web does not have sufficient monitoring capabilities for illegal reprinting and piracy. If you believe that the content uploaded and disseminated by 3dmarvel Web users through the information storage space provided by 3dmarvel Web has infringed your relevant rights, please send a rights notice to 3dmarvel Web. 3dmarvel Web will take measures to delete the relevant content according to relevant legal provisions. You can send a notice to the mailbox set up by 3dmarvel Web specifically for receiving copyright complaints and infringement notices.

Complaints Notice

The complainant should provide the following documents:

  1. The name (name), contact information, address, scanned copy of the ID card (natural person), business license of the corporate legal person (unit), and proof of identity of the legal representative (unit) of the rights holder.
  2. The accurate name and network address of the infringing work that is required to be deleted or disconnected, so that 3dmarvel Web can discover and preliminarily review the suspected infringing work.
  3. Preliminary proof of infringement, including but not limited to proof of ownership of copyright or information network dissemination rights in accordance with the law, and evidence of the fact of infringement of the suspected infringing work.
  4. The notice must be signed by the rights holder or his legally authorized person. If it is a unit, it must be stamped with the unit's official seal.
  5. The rights holder should be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. If the content of the notice is not true, the rights holder will bear all legal responsibilities caused by this.

Copyright Complaint Channel

Email: [email protected]

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