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Welcome to visit our website. This website is operated by MiYon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we"). Ensuring the security of user data and privacy protection is our primary task. This privacy policy details the data collected and how it is processed when you visit and use our services.

Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand all the rules and points of this privacy policy before using it. Once you choose to use it, it means that you agree to all the contents of this privacy policy and agree to us to collect and use your related information. If you have any questions about this policy during the reading process, you can consult our customer service. Please contact us through the contact information on the website. If you do not agree with the relevant agreement or any of its terms, you should stop using our website.

I. Use of Personal Information

Personal information refers to various information that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person, recorded in electronic or other ways, alone or in combination with other information. Our website will obtain your consent at the time of registration and collect personal information such as name, email address, address, etc. This information will be used to improve the convenience of customers when using our website and provide the services and information that customers need.

  1. After the purpose of collection is clearly defined, the personal information collected by our company is limited to the scope of the purpose. In addition, the use of personal information should be within the scope that does not deviate from the purpose of collection.
  2. The collected personal information is used within the same purpose range, and will not be used for other purposes or provided to third parties without the prior consent of the customer.
  3. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information held by our company.
  4. We will continue to improve the personal information protection management system mechanism.

II. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We respect your privacy and pay great attention to protecting your personal information. Without the prior consent of the customer, our company will not disclose the obtained personal information to third parties. However, in the following cases, we may disclose your personal information without your prior consent.

  1. Directly related to national security and national defense security;
  2. Directly related to crime investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment enforcement.
  3. Users should be responsible for all actions under their registered account. 3dmarvel is not responsible for any loss or damage to the user or any other third party caused by the user's actions.
  4. For the purpose of maintaining the life, property and other major legal rights and interests of you or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  5. Personal information that is publicly disclosed by yourself.
  6. Collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.
  7. It is necessary to sign and perform a contract as required by the personal information subject.
  8. It is necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as discovering and disposing of product or service failures.
  9. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

III. Cookie and Other Tracking Technologies

We will store a small data file named Cookie on your computer or mobile device. With the help of Cookie, we can store your preferences or goods and other data, and use it to determine whether the registered user has logged in, improve service quality and optimize user experience

Cookies will not collect your personal information. We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this policy.

You can manage or delete cookies according to your own preferences. After blocking or disabling the cookie function, it may affect your use or cannot fully use our products and services.

IV. Changes and Notifications

We may change the content of this privacy policy (basic policy for personal information protection) without further notice. We can't contact customers every time, so please refer to the latest information on this page when using.

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