Forest 78 Forest 78 Forest 78

Forest 78

ID: 27463

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  • Material: VR
  • Light: No
  • Style: Modern
  • Time: 2023-12-30
  • Color:    
Version: 3D Model Size on disk: 147,6 Mb
MVC Required: 38
A 3D terrain scan was made with a quadcopter at a height of 60 m.
The model consists of one Edit Poli with 1 texture scan.
Texture (scan) 8192х8192
Suitable for visualizing master plans as a background filling. The model is based on real photographs and contains many details and features of the landscape.
I recommend editing the model with the Slice modifier, so you can cut the model to the desir
mikko Lee

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  • Forest 78

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