Greige Design Olaf Chair Set

Greige Design Olaf Chair Set

ID: 23360

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  • Material: VR
  • Light: No
  • Style: Neo-Classical
  • Time: 2023-08-20
  • Color:      
Version: 3D Model Size on disk: 6,3 Mb
MVC Required: 28
This is the Greige Design Olaf Chair with the Ralph Pucci Duplex Floor Lamp. The side table is by Arne Jacobsen. The Pitcher and mugs are from the Ferm Living Neu line. The pillow is done with custom brushed VRayFur. All the models still have their turbosmooth modifiers intact to easily adjust the models weight, and when applicable, the meshes have been UV Unwrapped. Enjoy.
ines grislin

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