The collection of contemporary paintings (set-1)

The collection of contemporary paintings (set-1)

ID: 17363

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  • Material: VR
  • Light: No
  • Style: Modern
  • Time: 2023-04-13
  • Color:            
Version: 3D Model Size on disk: 9,6 Mb
MVC Required: 38
A set of 14 paintings in modern style John-Richard Collection, RFA Fine Art, Tierney Miller, L. Bodine, Kari Taylor, Grace Feyock, Ruth Yuhas and others artists archive contains: 3d max2012 vray FBX + textures + materials library size renderings 3d max a file-Polys 568 KB - 420 Vertex - 448 paintings are grouped into 6 groups of materials name coincides with the name of the picture model

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